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About Mimanera – Customized & Handmade in Italy

It's not about shoes, it's about being unique.
We want to give you the unexpected and we do it through the crazy vision of putting rare pieces at your feet, the MIMANERA CUSTOMIZED SHOES.

The idea

Creativity, ability and team work give birth to our MIMANERA Custom Shoes. We create our collections from a vision, an intuition or an exchange. Sometimes the inspirations come from a journey, from a freehand sketch, from research or simply by promoting our ideas with customers. The domino effect of the ideas that is generated, leads us to create unique shoes.

The ability

Each decoration, each application is chosen with genius, care and desire of uniqueness.
Like a "non-work of art" to wear, MIMANERA Custom Shoes are the result of the perfect mix of creativity and manual ability.
Our sneakers are like jewels to wear.
The desire to generate something unique and unexpected means that each of us every day,
both in the laboratory and in our stores, brings something incredible which creates the “wow effect” for those who see, try or come back to us, to be again amazed.

The team

We are a team of customizers where each of us is a professional specialized.
From the choice of brands to collaborate with, to the manufacture, control and sale of shoes, each of us brings uniqueness to this project.
From the initial idea of creating a unique piece to amaze, to the reality of being the Italian handmade custom brand of sneakers MIMANERA.
Born in Cattolica. Made for You.