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Mimanera is a Made In Italy brand born in 2016 from the desire to combine craftsmanship and innovation, giving life to sneakers designed for those who love to live life without patterns and without rules. Our custom shoes were born from the desire to experiment with whatever we like: Swarovskiglitterpatchesfabricsstitching and innovative processing. We fulfill the dreams of those who want to stand out from the crowd, and those who believe in our philosophy, live life freely, wearing a true identifying and distinctive symbol on their feet. Our goal is to grant those who follow us the luxury of being unique at all times.


Our team is composed of creative professionals with a strong gift for signature Made in Italy craftsmanship. Each sneaker is handmade by one of our artisans so each pair will be different from the others. Every detail is taken care of to make our works real "works of art on your feet," and each creative member in our team always brings uniqueness and added value to the final result.


Unique is who wears our custom sneakers, but also who creates them: at Mimanera, ideas for customization can really come from anyone. You may never know who came up with a sneaker design. Whether it was our creative director, a craftsman caught up in a mad creative impulse or a particular character with whom we had an interesting discussion. Our designs come to life from a constant, free flow of ideas from all corners of the world.


Our only true goal is to make you unique. Through our customizations, we have brought together lovers of a whole new style, and together we have achieved great things. Today Mimanera continues to grow year after year by taking our style around the world.

An idea, a dream, a stroke of genius.
was born in a small Garage near Cattolica, Italy.
That is the place where everything begins and the place that holds all our history.
That's where the first customization took place in 2012: the application of studs on a pair of Converse All Stars. Success is immediate, and the choice of customizations expands to glitter, Swarovski, fabric patches and coatings. But that's not all; they also started customizing all the most beloved brands worldwide: Nike, Adidas, Converse, and Vans.

Customized shoes are an ever-evolving success, and in 2016 the company and brand Mimanera [from the Spanish Mi Manera, in my own way] was officially born, encapsulating the whole essence of the brand: to give value to the uniqueness of each of us by making it visible through the way we dress. The concept behind the Mimanera product is the deconstruction of the basic and its reconstruction into something unique.

the story.

The brand continues to grow, and so does our team of artisans who specialize in multiple and diverse customization techniques. Handwork, discoloration, appliqué, innovative stitching, and color combinations are just some of the experiments that make Mimanera sneakers unique in their details.

The team gains years and years of experience and craftsmanship in the custom world, and the brand achieves great goals, including collaborations with artists, well-known personalities and other companies. In 2021, Mimanera International, the global project with Mimanera around the world, was born. The first step is the opening of the flagship store at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai.

But Mimanera is never really a symbol of uniqueness until 2022, when, exactly ten years after the first customization, it decides to pay homage to that Garage where everything was born. Nonna Rosina's Garage remains the witness to the evolution of a dream and a path made of passion and sacrifices.

In August 2022, the Mimanera Garage, the official sneakers designed by Mimanera, has officially released. The goal and values remain the same as before but what is offered is something much more than simple customization. Garage sneakers are the union of years of experience in the footwear industry with an endless passion for innovation.

From a selection of premium materials and a search for new horizons of style, a model with a unique and unmistakable design comes to life. Born from the evolution of Mimanera's history, the Garage sneakers are designed for those who want to experience something special because they are not simple sneakers; they are the meeting of uniqueness and contemporaneity that sets the Mimanera world apart.

From a small dream born in a garage to its own international reality.

Born In A Garage, Now Flying Around The World

This is our Story. This is the Story of Mimanera.